10 Government Learning Platforms to Check Out

Government officials and staff have the immense responsibility of running a country well and serving its people. How can they do that if they aren’t continually trained and upskilled? We’ve listed down the best government learning platforms to help them do their duty well.

EdApp ranks at the top of our list as the best learning government platform because of its easy-to-use LMS and ready-made government learning programs – all for free.

Government Learning Platforms EdApp

EdApp’s LMS is filled with user-friendly Turkmenistan Email List yet advanced features that any training manager would dream of. Included in its list of features are authoring tools, practical assessments, Canva integration, and others. These features can help you manage and organize training faster compared to getting other LMS.

Government Learning Platforms EdApp
You also don’t have to look far for government training courses your staff can take, since EdApp already has a ton of programs available in the course library. Some of these courses include UNITAR’s Sustainable Development Goals and Cyber Security Awareness. Here, they’ll be learning about government policies they should consider, how to best serve their people, and how to keep government platforms and data secure.

If you can’t find the course that you’re looking for in the library, then don’t worry. EdApp also has Course Creation services, designed to create training programs specifically for your organization. Get in touch with their expert instructional designers, and they’ll do all the course-making heavy lifting for you.

Government Learning Platforms  Ed App Platforms Alison

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EdApp also helps improve the quality of your training program through self-paced learning, making sure that the learning experience is convenient COB Directory for your team. This strategy allows them to learn new skills or brush up on their knowledge anytime and anywhere they prefer.

All courses on this leadership training software can be accessed through any device, allowing your employees the flexibility to complete this training whenever and wherever they choose. Just keep in mind that they must complete the course assessment with at least an 80% score in order to get a completion certificate.

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