A Global Workforce Horizons Features

Horizons offers a simple and cost-effective way to recruit employees from abroad, allowing you to expand your reach without opening a team in each country. It becomes your extension in the designated area, taking care of the administrative tasks for you.

With its help, you can reduce the risk factor and save up to 85% of HR costs.

You can also approach a staffing agency for HR assistance. But unlike international PEOs, firms enter into a joint venture agreement, which does not cover legal obligations of recruitment and compensation. This is what makes Horizons so attractive to organizations.

Let’s look at the list of services he offers to his customers

Clerk of Records
Contract management.
But you can add extras to your plan to get custom services.

Here, I have listed its main Great Britain Email List features and other features to share the areas that Horizons covers.

We will start with its basic products.

1. PEO Of The World
international voice service

The global PEO product offers an EOR, cloud-based, document-based, cost-effective, and SaaS platform.

Before I explain further, let me briefly talk about the Distributor first.

EOR is a term used for platforms that act as your legal employer. They handle compliance and tax issues such as contract issuance, legal benefits, and other employer responsibilities.

This means they offer a simple licensing solution to those who don’t have the resources to fully understand local laws and want a third party to handle that part.

Coming back to its core product the Horizons Global

Country Email List

PEO team, in addition to EOR will take care of HR support activities from ramp up to termination. You will be assigned a dedicated full-time team that will help you manage your staff.

You will also get a digital app to submit applications, approve sheets, make deposits and make additional payments. (Scroll down to the Demo section to learn how it works.)

2. Outsourced Contractors
contractor delivery platform

Outsourcing is a cost-effective COB Directory way to hire. It gives you the flexibility to hire employees without having to deal with tax burdens.

The product covers hiring, onboarding, and hiring freelancers and other special contractors.

It works exactly the same as a real installation, you sign in with contractors through your digital app and send payments to the Horizons team to individual accounts.

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