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Covert product or service advertisements to reach customers independently of traditional activat. which leads to increas attention and processing of hidden information in stealth campaigns. As a result. the customer develop a more positive attitude towards the advertis product and was more willing to make a suggestion since he did not attribute the change in attitude to the advertis measure. The Opportunities and Risks of Stealth Marketing Stealth marketing offers many opportunities for advertising agencies. but it also comes with high risks. companies should understand the risks and possible consequences. Stealth marketing.

Before planning a covert operation

Measures can quickly be identifi by Bermuda Email List ensitive target groups.and campaign failures even before the advertising message is successfully disseminat. Opportunities and risks are. Opportunity. Risk Tends to be cheaper than traditional advertising Tends to build trust Customers have a snowball effect among consumers Acquiring new customers Perceives stealth marketing as an insidious moral line A considerable weakness of stealth marketing is the success of advertising It cannot be precisely plann or measur beforehand. then. This also applies to the prictability of campaign reach. contact volume and effectiveness. Therefore.

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Leading to defensive reactions

It is difficult to evaluate the campaigns COB Directory carri out.  that can provide information on the effectiveness of stealth marketing. Consequences of Stealth Marketing Stealth marketing campaigns were found to over-penetrate the personal sphere and deliberately mislead consumers’ perceptions. potentially leading to boycotts and subsequent product destruction. Regular customers may turn away and the company’s image will suffer considerable damage. Consequences. Customer backlash Devaluation of a consumer market. product. or entire company Negative news Public anger on social mia channels Criticism of Stealth Marketing by the German Marketing Institute.

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