Automated Rules in Facebook Ads

Automated rules in Facebook Ads allow us to make automatic changes to campaigns, ad sets, or ads based on a criterion that we previously establish. This can be very useful if, for example, we want to activate campaigns at a certain time, pause a promotion that has already ended, or increase the budget if we exceed a certain ROAS, etc.

Rules allow us to perform a large number of automatic actions

based on the configuration of three aspects:

The criteria or conditions that trigger the rule.
The action we want to be performed.
The campaign, ad set, or ads that we want Bulgaria Mobile Number List this rule to affect.
That is, we will establish a criterion that will affect a campaign, set of ads or ads, and when this occurs, the action we have indicated will be automatically performed .

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The steps we have to follow to create automated rules in Facebook Ads are the following:

In the Ads Manager, we select the campaigns, ad sets or ads to which we are going to apply the rule. It should be noted that the same rule can only be associated with sets of the same level, for example, with several campaigns, but not with sets of different levels such as a campaign and an ad.
Click on the “Rules” drop-down menu and select “Create rule”.
A window will appear that will allow us to choose between creating a custom rule or selecting a preset rule.
Automated rules in Facebook Ads
By default, automated rules in Facebook Ads run constantly every 30 minutes. However, you can set up a custom schedule for each rule, for example, to only run on Mondays from 9:00 to 12:00. If you set the same start and end time, the rule will run once on that day.

Automated rules in Facebook

Pre-established rules in Meta
Facebook Ads offers us three pre-established automated rules:

Reduce auction overlap . Adjusts ad sets so they don’t compete COB Directory   with each other. This will ensure that if multiple ad sets have overlapping audiences, they will be combined to avoid competing and improve auction performance. We can choose to deactivate ad sets and increase the budget for the remaining ones, or just receive a notification and make the decision ourselves.
Optimize ad content . Show each person the variation of your ad content that will perform best.
Reduce audience fragmentation – Allows you to turn off ad sets, adjust budget, merge audiences, or just notify us.
Automated rules in Facebook Ads
Meta Rules Actions
First we select the action we want the rule to perform. We can only select one action for each rule , if we want to apply several actions, we will have to create several rules.

The actions we can take are:

Activate or deactivate campaigns, ad sets, and ads. This action cannot be performed for reach and awareness campaigns.
Send notifications.
Increase or decrease the bid for ads that have a manual bid.
Adjust the budget.

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