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Sendcloud so you can understand the platform. Let’s start with its features. 1. Introduction To ECommerce Standards And Carriers Integrations Sendcloud gives you access to over 80 local and international couriers and 50 eCommerce platforms. If you’re running your online store on popular eCommerce sites, you won’t have to worry about linking your store and enabling dropshippers.

But even if you don’t, you’re allowed to use its API to connect to any eCommerce platform, book software, or third-party system. And the best thing? The arrangement is not limited to shipping facilities. With the Sendcloud API, you can build an entire shipping infrastructure on your web store and add third-party product apps to streamline your operations.

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Check out the API integration guidelines on its official website to learn more about it. 2. Workflow Automation automation automation Norfolk Island Email List Automation is at the heart of Sendcloud Operations. You’ll find a number of smart features at every stage of the delivery cycle to make your job easier.

Its custom rules cover most delivery methods, allowing you to optimize your delivery process and save costs. Here are some things you can automate to save you time; Synchronous data storage. Big label. Transmission function. Brand tracking message. CN22 output form. Preparing for package pickup. Come back. 3. Flexible Delivery Rates shipping rate Previous Sendcloud ‘s unique selling points are its discounted shipping rates.

DPD will be more economical than say UPS But the latter has better

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It offers a list of pre-negotiated prices to give you the best rates for your orders. You can also opt for a direct contract with your preferred COB Directory carrier and offer custom pricing on a SaaS platform. In addition, you can connect with more than one carrier to process each order. The idea is to make it easy for you to choose the best shipping rates for different destinations and choose the best companies for different packages.

With this tool, you can connect store data to the dashboard in minutes and write labels. In addition, you can automatically assign insurance to premium packages and specify delivery methods based on tags.

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