Because we know the importance of defining

Vision and one’s Mission, aspects that they outline the identity in all its forms.

It will not sound new to you, I imagine, therefore knowing that one of the values of the most modern brands is sustainability.

The desire to create products Whatsapp Mobile Number List that are good for the environment and to act, at the same time, in a eco friendly.

How and to what extent is sustainability able to influence the purchase of the younger generation, that Z? Let’s see it now! Brand Purpose: what is it?

Which not only defines itself as a product seller

therefore goes beyond the merely economic aspect) but also as a bearer of values, able to provide a positive contribution to society.

Why focus on the Brand Purpose Brands MUST pursue a Purpose: their credibility, their transparency, the trust they must earn from the consumer are at stake.

This is why taking sides and moving consistently along the path that one’s value compass indicates is challenging, but exponentially advantageous.

Supporting a good cause allows the company

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To be credible and maintain relevance, because it is willing to take risks to fight for its ideals and commit itself to having a positive impact on the health of society.

After all, being an ostrich brings nothing to anyone: there are social, environmental and cultural problems that cannot be ignored

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