Case Study: Over 500 key phrases in the Top 10

The scope of positioning included  positioning for the so-called money keywords, i.e. key phrases that are very often searched for, prestigious in this industry and correspond to the client’s offer,  foam, orthopedic, rehabilitation, luxury mattresses. positioning for long-tail phrases, using which, based on content marketing. We began to reach people who are looking for a solution to their problems with back and spine pain.  We invite you to read one of the entries on the client’s blog: How to take care of your spine so that your back does not hurt.


activities in the field of Google Ads

As the website was not visible on Google at all at that time Phone Number Data we proposed advertising activities that allowed it to appear very quickly for selected, significant key phrases. This campaign was focused on the so-called phrases. money keywords, thanks to which we quickly allowed the brand to appear in the search engine for the most significant key phrases. This resulted in traffic on the website from people interested in mattresses. We decided that the products offered by the client might also be of interest to Facebook users. So we included Facebook ads in our marketing activities.

Facebook Ads activities key phrases

Phone Number Data

The result of positioning and activities within COB Directory the Google search engine was increased traffic on the website. A very important element of positioning was the precise selection of key phrases and guide topics . Then describing them in such a way that the content was noticed by Google as valuable. This resulted in increased visibility in May 2022. The website was visible for over  key phrases in the top ten of Google.  For some phrases the website is in the first positions and is additionally cited by the Google search engine.

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