Complete Tutorial on Speeding Up

A slow blog is frustrating: Every second that passes without anything appearing on the screen, makes me wonder if the blog even exists?

Without having time to read the content of the blog, I closed the browser window and went to another blog.

Forget the slow blog!

Before we go any further, ask yourself:

What do your readers think about your blog Is your blog disappointing

The Psychological Effects of Slow Blogs..
the psychology of readers with slow blogs Have Latest Mailing Database you ever called customer service?

If so, you must have waited for your turn for a long time before being able to speak to an operator.

While waiting, you might look left and right, up and down, tapping your fingers on the table..

… and your precious time is just wasted.

With the passage of time, you may have forgotten the main reason you called.

In fact, what may be bubbling up inside you is anger and hurt.

So much so, that when the time comes for your call to be handled by the operator, you no longer feel grateful, but rather angry.


Now, try to imagine if your call is answered immediately by someone who is friendly and eager to help you.
Isn’t it fun?

That’s what readers feel when they enter your blog A slow blog is like bad customer service

Latest Mailing Database

Instead of waiting patiently for your blog COB Directory content to load, those visitors will get frustrated and leave your blog.

And even if they wait patiently until the content is finished loading..

… they must be skeptical of the quality of the content you produce.

Speeding up a WordPress Blog

But on the other hand, if a blog is fast and can be loaded quickly..

.. surely it will give a very good and excellent user experience from the beginning.

And display your content in a good impression to the reader.

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