Controlling Your Brand is an Illusion!

In old school marketing we pushed messages out into the outside world, and many of us are still using the new social media networks that way.

Fernando Coimbra Lopes
May 30, 2012
We are in the 21st century, where our audience controls our brand. Why? Because we no longer control the information that circulates in the market about our business and our brand. This is a fundamental change in thinking that we have to make if we want to achieve business success .

Web 2.0

How Did We Get Here?

The truth is that until about five years ago, we were the primary source of information for our audience. It would have been that way forever – even after the web.

Suddenly the World Changed, Web 2.0 Appeared.
Today’s shoppers can research, compare, select and buy products and services without us ever realising that they were actually searching and in “buying mode”.

Shoppers can talk to each other, share stories Lebanon Mobile Number List about our performance (or that of our competitors) and we probably have no idea that they were having these conversations.

A more socially active customer can change the perception of our brand in a series of angry clicks, see the examples of Ensitel and EDP, even leading the latter to close its page .

Like it or not – our customers control our truth. Trying to control their prospects with traditional We, We, We marketing approaches will always backfire.
By believing that we can control our brand, we risk “drying up” our markets.

Clarity in marketing can support this delivery – but even the best marketing will not defend poor quality.

Phone Number List

We had the opportunity to sell our way

with little value or lack of experience, but those COB Directory imes are gone. It’s good that we start getting used to it.

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