Definitions importance and useful examples

if you don’t know the difference between these two elements that belong to the marketing world, know that today is your lucky day!

I will explain to you what they are specifically about, what their functions are and what characteristics they must have in order to be effective in communicating your Brand: they can be really useful in your strategies, especially in positioning ones.

What they are and differences In technical terms these elements

Belong to the world of micro-copywriting. However The payoff (or tagline) is represented by a phrase that blends with the logo and constantly accompanies the Brand in all its manifestations.

The claim (or headline), on the other Estonia Email List hand, is the slogan of a single advertising campaign . In short, it’s a bit as if the payoff could never, ever, be dissociated from the corporate identity.

It is an Integral Part of It, It Describes It. It Communicates the Brand Itself. While the Claim Can Only Concern a Single Project.

However, They Do Have One Aspect in Common: That of Being Remembered and, Consequently. Of Being Traced Back to the Brand They Are Representing. This is Why a Good Micro-copy (Whether It’s a Payoff or a Claim) Can Help You in Your Brand Positioning Strategy.

Compose an Effective and Winning Payoff You Must Keep in Mind

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That It is a Sort of Promise You Make to Your Final Consumer. It’s the COB Directory  Element (Short!) Capable of Creating in the Mind of the Public an Idea of ​​what They Can Achieve Through Your Product or Service.

It is Inspirational but Also Identifying. However Concrete and… Immediate. It Shouldn’t Be Excessively. Demanding for the Reader. Both in Terms of Understanding and in Terms of Memorization.

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