Dilts 6 levels of thinking applied to marketing

The concept of neurological levels was originally introduced by the English anthropologist Gregory Bateson , who developed it by focusing on the dynamics of learning. A student of Bateson, Robert , studying Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs , reworked it from.

NLP perspective neurolinguistic programming  and began to evaluate its effects by applying them to the ability of each individual to increase his or her own competence in every area of ​​the know.

Robert Dilts observed that human beings improve

Their understanding of a concept Benin Email List or skill by systematically passing through 6 Levels of thinking, with a precise hierarchical structure:

Since these levels are dependent on each other , any change to one level also changes all the levels below it and the one immediately above it. How the 6 levels of thinking apply to marketing Environment.

The environment represents the physical and social context

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Answers the questions. There are many studies that have highlighted how much the place where we live influences, positively or negatively, what we do, our behavior.

In Marketing, the Environment in Which Your Business. Operates is Made Up of the Physical Location of Your COB Directory Business. But Not Only That: It Also Represents the Place Where. You Communicate Online Website. Social Network, Etc. And the Moment in Which You Communicate (Particular Periods, Such as the Upcoming.

Christmas Season, Days of the Week, Times. The Environment of Your Business Influences. Not Only the Way You Communicate but Also the Perception. That Your Target Audience Will Have Towards Your Brand.

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