Effective Call to Action that Drives

Schools with a strong digital marketing strategy create compelling content for every stage of the admissions funnel—and this extends to post-enrollment. Education marketing doesn’t just stop at the conversion stage. Instead, it should continue to target current students and deliver experiences that delight them. Here, your school can create a drip email campaign that welcomes new students and provides them with handy resources. You can also choose to send a survey to showcase your active interest in involving your community and generating student feedback. Some schools may also use this opportunity.

Reviewing admissions-related tasks for ways to improve productivity

Optimizing your TOFU to BOFU marketing strategies is a big part of ensuring your continued success. Your strategies and approaches shouldn’t be fixed. Instead, they should be adapted to reflect the latest trends as well as your student personas’ changing needs and expectations. A lead conversion audit is a great way to optimize your admissions funnel, giving you valuable Telegram Number Data  insights for lead nurturing at various stages of the enrollment management funnel. Some of the steps you can take also include.

Bonus Optimize Your School’s TOFU to BOFU Marketing Strategies

To help with this process, school marketers can turn to lead scoring. Here, you can assign different leads a numeric value based on a scale of 100. This score indicates their likelihood to convert depending on a set of factors that your admission team prioritizes. Taking this step can help you identify high-potential leads and COB Directory revise your lead flow as well as lead conversion path. This way, you can better understand and optimize your college admissions journey map.Example: In HEM’s proprietary CRM platform, school marketers can easily view a lead’s score (top right) as well as other information before deciding whether or not to pursue a lead.

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