Email Marketing why you should do it if you have

We are addressing, article after article, the different types of Marketing strategies you can rely on to grow or improve your business. I’ve already told you how useful it could be to keep a blog updated on your company website or the importance of doing Inbound Marketing to attract potential customers.

Today let’s get to know another tool that could really be right for you, if you have a Brand and want to achieve your business goals: do you know what E-mail Marketing is ?

Although e-mails have been used for years  this communication

Channel still seems quite effective: e-mail is, to date, one of the best means to rely on for marketing. And do Cabo Verde Email List you know why? Because it is the most profitable direct marketing channel, in terms of ROI.

I’ll explain it to you briefly, before going into the subject in more detail: Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that integrates the strategies useful for creating and distributing your Brand communications (by email, of course). How do you say?

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry: I’ll take care of explaining how it works! E-mail Marketing: definition and typologies First of all, let’s start from a theoretical definition: when we talk about E-mail Marketing we refer to sending a purely commercial e-mail message, and we do it by addressing the e-mail in question to the subscribers.

It is therefore a matter of contacting all the subscribers

Country Email List

To the mailing list (who have given their consent to receive your communications).

After that, you need to know that based on your business goals, you can choose between different types of emails. Which? Transactional emails Represent service communications useful to your audience for information on their purchases.

They usually achieve very high opening rates because they are communications of direct interest to the customer, such as a welcome email after successful registration or an order confirmation with shipping details.

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