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Cologne Marketing Day. do you have customers or fans by emotionalizing your brand. As an opening statement. Professor Dr. Dr. clearly emphasiz the importance of fans to the company. and emphasiz the following points in his speech. fans.  different characters. different emotions. benefits of emotional measures. He begins his presentation by describing its benefits and areas. what motivations and nes drive us consumers to make purchases. and what role rational communication plays in those decisions. He explain that most.

Customers emotions rationality

Our purchasing decisions cannot be justifi Turks and Caicos Islands Email List rationally and are therefore only driven by motivation. Prof. Dr. Ph.D. emphasizes that customers buy mainly emotionally. but rationally justify their purchases. Using the model. he studi different emotional traits. He points out that emotions have a huge impact on our buying behavior. so it can be very beneficial for companies or can use brand communication. In his presentation. Prof. Ph.D. show that brands can also be classifi using models. According to the personality model. there are strong brands such as Vodafone and Audi in the advantageous area. and there are many brands such as Volkswagen and Volkswagen in the stable area. In his lectures. Dr. Prof. Prof. Some suggestions are made on how companies can use campaigns in general or their own to evoke strong emotions.

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Personality traits and their different

From consumers about their brands.  trust COB Directory and loyalty. he stress. He call on entrepreneurs to take advantage of the emotional ge of turning customers into true fans. Because fans are emotional and interact with brands much more than they do with customers. You can watch the full demo here. . Emotional Branding Do you have customers or fans. From ü Click here for Lecture Travel Online Offline Selling Success Add Back Overview This article was publish by the team on ö. . . . Keywords. . Cologne Marketing Day. brand management. Similar articlesBrand ManagementTarget Brand BuildingThe Art of Boosting Brand GrowthBrand Boosting Corporate ValueBrand BuildingBringing Product Brands to Life through Brand BoostingBusiness Value.

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