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This entry has been post in General. Events. . Cologne Marketing Day. Publish by. Keywords. Cologne Marketing Day. lottery. . Head of Marketing Brand Management at the German Marketing Academy Click here to watch the presentation ​​​​The sponsorship strategy of the Kölnbank regional bank has receiv international testimony. Back to Overview This article was publish by the team at Marketing Days Cologne. Brand Management. Keywords. .. Cologne Marketing Day. Exciting Insights Sponsor Speaker of the Year This is the penultimate.

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Part of our series of interviews with Western Sahara Email List speakers at  ö will be speaking this year Topic. Sponsorship Strategies of the Internationally Recogniz Regional Bank Kölnbank We ask him five exciting questions. About my name is. I’m Marketing Manager at Bank of Cologne and I’m in charge of Marketing and Public Relations. Her speech revolv around the theme of sponsorship. what can we expect I tri to give the participants of the Marketing Day in Cologne a vivid impression of the regional bank’s sponsorship. In doing so.

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I would like to explore in particular concrete COB Directory implementation a high degree of practical relevance. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing marketers this year. I think the challenge with the topic of sports sponsorship is the measurability of what is being pursu. How effective is the sponsorship fee. Can the stat goals be achiev or can the promises be kept. Furthermore. there are significant challenges in developing innovative implementation concepts that stand out from the competition. true to the motto. . Here. marketers and rights holders face the same challenges as the sponsors themselves. Already have a tip you’d like to share with us It’s not so much.

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