Google Ads Automatic Recommendations

Let’s start at the beginning, what exactly are Google Ads automatic recommendations? They are advice that Google gives you to, in theory, improve the performance of the account, either by changing bids, keywords or the settings themselves. If you have them activated, they can make changes to the campaigns without you realizing it.

Where to find Google Ads automatic recommendations

Getting into the subject, Google Ads automatic Taiyuan Mobile Number List recommendations are in the “Recommendations” section. There we can see all the ones we have, both active and inactive. Another common way of calling them is “auto apply recommendations”

Google Ads automatic recommendations
Million dollar questions

Can we disable them? Yes.
Is having them all active a good thing? No, please don’t believe anyone who tells you it is (sorry Google).
Which ones should we activate? We tell you more below.
You have to be very careful with the accounts that we inherit because, without knowing it, these automatic applications can destroy our hours of work in a few seconds . If you have ever noticed changes in the account that you have not made, in addition to reviewing the change history, we recommend reviewing this menu, where there is also a small record of what was applied. It is possible that you have one activated without knowing it. Let’s look at the main ones.

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At the Google Ads account level
Starting with the more “manual” recommendations, we find them in the same section and they are also intended to improve the level of optimization . We can see:

Improve the quality of PMAX resources. (We offer you some tips )
Improve responsive search ads
Add more extensions to improve your CTR
Add new keywords
Set up enhanced conversions and consent mode
And, our favorite, which neither adds nor decreases, try the new Google Ads mobile application
Google gives us the possibility to review them and activate them manually, aren’t we interested? We ignore them

At MCC level

You read that right, at the MCC level there is also COB Directory  the optimization level , although auto apply recommendations do not exist per se. What can we find? The same as at the account level, but global.

Campaign budgets increasing? Take all the campaigns from all your limited accounts and, within the same menu, change them one by one. Convenient, but dangerous.

Google Ads automatic recommendations
Hygiene recommendations
Don’t be fooled by the name, they exist to have a “cleaner” account in the eyes of Google Ads . We have the following:

Update conversion tracking: change the attribution model to “ data-driven ”. Depending on the conversion action, we can activate it. If it is an eCommerce purchase, 100%.
Remove conflicting negative keywords: super Therefore,  interesting, especially for these silly mistakes. You create the crossed negatives, one slips by and you end up putting the main one as a negative.
Add audience segments to gain insights from. Add them to observations, which Therefore,  is not bad at all, and you can also make bid adjustments with them. We like it.
Use optimized ad rotation: it’s almost mandatory Therefore,  when creating a campaign, Google marks it as yes. If we deactivate it, do titles and Therefore,  descriptions Therefore,  alternate regardless of performance? We couldn’t swear to that.
Remove keywords that are too specific and redundant: as we said, to make the account “cleaner”, since these are the ones that either do Therefore,  not generate traffic or you are already covering them. Perhaps, the one that convinces us the least of all.
These are the automatic  Therefore, from Google Ads that appeal to us the most, especially regarding audiences. Let’s use these in search and thus Therefore,  we will have more knowledge about our target for PMAX, Display, YouTube and Discovery .

Do we like Google to touch our accounts? Not much, but we give them permission here.

Recommendations for capturing demand
The name doesn’t deceive, it expands campaigns from a simple activation of the Display Network in search, to a conflictive change of keywords to broad match.

Remember that enabling Display on Search has changed over the years, now it will only show on other websites if you are not investing all your money in search.

Add and edit responsive search ads automatically. We’ve seen this recommendation done manually and the changes it makes still leave a lot to be desired.
Use optimized segmentation : Are we interested in expanding our audience in a Retargeting campaign? I don’t know Google… what are you going to expand it to? Prospecting? Thanks, but no thanks.
Add new keywords: At this point, we prefer you to give us ideas, but not implement them.
If we had to choose any of these, we would probably stay as we are. Some options need to be improved.

Bidding Recommendations
We come to the core of Google Ads’ automatic recommendations, directly changing the bid of the campaigns . Here, no Google, sorry.

If you want to implement any of them, do so VERY carefully and always review the history. Don’t wake up one morning with a campaign aimed at protecting the brand name or maximizing conversions with Target CPA.

Which ones make sense to apply?
In principle, if you want to have everything under control, then none. However, we see some, ONLY some, that can help us with the performance of the account.

Keywords in conflict
Audiences under observation
Ad rotation (we don’t think there is any other option)
Conversion tracking (depending on your account goals)
For these aspects, auto apply recommendations can help us.

CrackPPC Recommendations
We want to end with a question: who knows more about your account and your business? You or Google? Google can give you all the tools and recommendations it can, some very useful, others not so much . In the end, not all accounts and businesses follow the same pattern.

Super useful recommendations: improved conversions, consent mode, expansion to new campaign types…

Not so useful: changing all keywords to broad match. We can Therefore,  do some tests in an isolated campaign and see results, but not all at once, we don’t want to go crazy.

Evaluate what makes sense and what doesn’t and keep a close eye on changes to the system.

If you see something strange in your Google Ads account, you Therefore,  know where to start looking. If you still have questions, you can find us on LinkedIn or through the contact form . We’ll be happy to help you!

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