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Google Keyword Planner. In Google Trends, you will see a trend line. But here, you will get the numerical range of the number of users searching for the topic. Brands use it to find keywords for on-page SEO and Google Ads. Imagine you are running a business selling shoes. To optimize the site, you can check how many people are using what search terms to market.

For example, I’m looking for ‘best white underwear for women.’ google keyword plan template You can see that its monthly search is 1k-10k. If you scroll further, you will get more keyword ideas. So, the tool is very simple. Set the region, date range, language, and search terms (you can enter up to 10 search terms at once), and you’re ready to compete.

So enter the D2C business program in search and see the magic

You can also enter the competitor’s website URL to find out what keyword they are using. 3. BuzzSumo buzzsumo tool for content marketing Saint Helena Email List strategy All brands should focus on content because: Content is King And BuzzSumo will help you achieve it. It answers these questions: What programs does he have? What is the purpose of content creation?

What are people looking for in a specific category? Which program is the most distributed? Who are the best influencers I can work with? Which competitor’s content is being shared the most and why? BuzzSumo is a great platform for your content marketing strategy . Search for content by entering a competitor’s keyword or website URL.

You found a gold mine There are many topics you can create content for

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See what topics they’re creating buzz around, and what’s being shared the most. BuzzSumo shows an accurate breakdown of the number COB Directory of likes, comments, and shares of content on different social media platforms . You can also search for content ideas on a platform such as a website, Facebook, or YouTube.

If a new article is published on that topic, you will receive an alert from the platform. There are only 10 free searches per month in the free trial. After that, you need to buy one of the paid plans.

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