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If you want to understand and impact the first browser tips we train you to take advantage of are three metrics that measure page load time interactivity and visual stability. Well Google has shar some updat recommendations for proper optimization. The goal is to help you decide what to prioritize when time gets out of hand. It’s honestly sometimes hard to figure out what’s going to have the most impact as quickly as possible. Well the team prepar this for most sites.

A list of practical suggestions for

To make your operation easier. We start by measuring the Bahamas WhatsApp Number List time it took for the main content of the page to be visible to the user.’s are valid. These are their suggestions for improving it Make sure mobile web pages that are easily found in the source code feature images as the main content. Improving these sites should ensure that images load quickly. If the page waits before the image starts loading or the file downloads to parse and render.

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Difficult to measure

As a general rule if the element is an image. The image COB Directory should always be visible from the source. Make sure the resource has priority It is recommend to prioritize it in addition to including it in the code. Even if you include images in your code using standard tag t’s best to avoid anything that might lower the priority of the image such as adding attributes. And be careful with any automatic lazy loading.

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