How to Reach B2B Buyers – Where Do They Go for Information?

Reaching B2B buyers can be done in two ways: expensive and cheap, the first being through trade fairs and the second through the internet. Exporting is easier.

Fernando Coimbra Lopes
Jun 12, 2012
B2B BuyersTypically, companies that sell to B2B buyers, particularly to companies that export tradable goods, use a marketing and sales approach that is heavily based on trade fairs, personal contact and the provision of catalogues.

Because according to a recent study by Google

there is a fundamental paradigm shift in Chile Mobile Number List the definition of marketing and sales strategies that should lead to changing the basic question from: ” How do we reach buyers ?” to “How do we get buyers to come to us?”

One of the first things I hear when we talk about launching a new product, entering a new market, especially when we want to enter markets beyond our borders, is the “famous” trade fairs. This seems to be the most consensual tactic. “Do you want to export? Then you have to be at x and y trade fairs, they’re all there.”

According to the October 2011 Google & Compete study called ” Rewriting your B2B Rulebook ” to the question:

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Where do B2B Buyers go to find information?

37% Catalogs
71% Internet
39% Fairs
35% Seminars
41% Trade Groups
Price Counts Too
It is easy to conclude from this that we COB Directory must take extra care in redesigning marketing and sales approaches , continuing the trend of integration between the online and offline worlds, with the difference that now online is much more important.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that fairs and events are normally a very expensive marketing and sales channel , but in this study they are revealed to be a very weak channel, or even the weakest, with the Blog being the cheapest.

I don’t have any preference for talking about the times of crisis we live in, but I have no doubt that we should avoid waste and these numbers give us food for thought.

What about your business? Do these numbers make sense for the reality of your business? Leave us your comment.


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