Is buying followers the right solution for your brand

A recent American study has shown that 58.4% of the global population can be considered social. Without going too far into the analysis of the research, this figure means that for a Brand to fully express its market potential and have appropriate visibility, it must be constantly present on digital channels , even better if with a studied and optimized communication strategy.

The results will come over time and examples of this are some

Of the most important successful brands including Nike McDonald’s, Starbucks and even the Harry Potter saga, which can be considered a brand Cuba Email List to all intents and purposes. Unfortunately, however, it is not easy to be patient when you already have a clear plan of the results you want to achieve in your mind: this frenzy often leads to hasty decisions and choices, such as the one that has been very fashionable in recent years.

That of buying followers. Buying followers: one wrong move for success Buying followers will initially lead to a feeling of satisfaction. An ephemeral and transitory enjoyment… which will then turn out to be an end in itself. But how?

Over time this genius technique will turn against the image

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Of Your Own Brand, Because in 98.7% of Cases We Are Talking About Fictitious. Followers Who Obviously Do. Not Influence the Thinking of Real People in Everyday Life in Any Way! In Addition, in Most Cases. The Growth of the Fanbase That You Will Notice in the First Hours Following the Purchase Will Initially Stop, Only to Then Suffer a Decline in the Following Weeks.

Obviously, This Slowdown Will Be Linked to the Cessation. Of the Service Offered by These Companies. That Call Themselves “Marketing Agencies.

How to get followers COB Directory without buying them But then, what is the solution? How can I get 1,000,000 fans without buying them? Is there any way to grow my organic fanbase? Of course yes, and I am writing this article just to give you some advice on the matter.


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