The client was also very important to us. of attention. It was crucial for us to: in cooperation with the client, effectively use the modern 600m2 office space minimize the potential risks and inconveniences of cooperation from the client’s perspective generate synergy effects, a new value that will find its outlet in the effects of the campaigns we run for clients prevent potential risky situations where there is a threat in the field of communication. What does it look like in practice? From June 2021 : employees during onboarding work 2 to 3 days – they have to appear in the office for two days, they can work remotely for 3 days (although – if they prefer – they can also appear in the office.

Team leaders also spend at least

A week in the office to help with implementation and be on site in case team members need them. From July 2021 : every Monday we all come to the office! We are thinking about which phone number list activities are worth doing offline. Employees at the trainee/executive level should also appear in the office twice a week – but they decide what day it will be. From September 2021: we come to the office on Mondays and Tuesdays! We recommend employees at the trainee/executive level to work from the office three days a week.

Ultimately we strive to maintain

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Hybrid work model on a permanent basis – in which everyone will spend three days in the office, and two can work remotely. Since July, in addition to the regulation of work in the hybrid model, we have also been implementing the free COB Directory meeting friday project. Friday is a space for operational and personal work. We exclude internal meetings for professional customer service, closing and finishing topics before the weekend. This means that internal meetings between teams,  should take place between Monday and Thursday.