Learn about the latest trends in e-commerce

In an exceptional panorama where processes that modify consumer habits and market dynamics have accelerated, being up to date with trends in e-commerce is essential. The consequences of the current situation have had different effects on the market. Some sectors have been more affected and others have strengthened and grown in online sales volume . Learn about the latest trends in e-commerce Items such as food and essential products have had an increase in sales and web traffic, this is the case of supermarkets, which according to a recent report by We Are Social , the global traffic of these sites has increased by 251% .


Cross-channel, more than ever

On the other hand, SMEs and local stores have accelerated their process towards digital transformation and companies that were already in it have chosen to implement improvements in their online stores , reinforce processes and logistics. Without a doubt, the Country Email List context forces us to rethink the new sales processes and that is why today, more than ever, certain Learn about the latest trends in e-commerce trends that will be protagonists in the not-too-distant future are gaining importance. Let’s get to know the trends in e-commerce : If before we talked about multi-channel strategies where the brand reaches consumers through different channels, today the trend is to implement omni-channel and cross-channel strategies .

Commerce will not stop growing

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A dynamic where the user can jump from one . Channel to another during .The purchasing process  since both . The service and sales channels are holistically integrated. In this way the user can buy a product online while in . The physical store or make . A query on a social network and . e contacted by a telephone agent instantly. The different channels share the customer’s movements and support each other . They are not in competition, but rather complement COB Directory each other to improve the customer experience. It is not new that users already spend more time on their mobile devices than on the computer and that the mobile phone has become one of the main channels for entertainment, leisure and shopping.

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