Learning Management Systems Examples

There’s also an assortment of administrative tools like analytics, practical assessments, and actionable reports. These features make it easier for you to track your team’s performance, identify knowledge gaps, and address learning challenges.

All these features combined make EdApp one of the most recommended learning management system examples out there. Industry-leading brands like UNITAR, Deloitte, Mizuno, Dunhill, and Bayer love the platform.

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2. Schoology Education Platform
Another example of an LMS is Slovenia Email List Schoology. Since most learning has shifted online and adopted a remote learning model, Schoology offers support to school districts, focusing on K-12 schools with tips for parents and teachers alike. The Schoology environment is similar to Facebook, but it provides more educational functions, such as online class tests, tests, quizzes, and homework.

Schoology education platform

This learning engagement platform offers built-in tools to help engage and encourage students with a wide variety of content like videos, text, games, and more. With Schoology, educators can create their own lessons and also post daily reminders and assignments to students. The assignments can include quizzes and discussion sessions. There are also numerous assessment options, including timed tests. Rubrics can also be attached to assignments and assessments so learners know what they are scored upon.

Schoology Learning management system example

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Other tools it offers include advanced analytics and make it easy to see how learners are doing on training assessments. With an open-access integration, self-paced courses allow for flexible completion, and varying instructional tools give teachers or content creators the freedom to create personalized learning experiences.

3. Its Learning LMS Example
Its Learning is another LMS with COB Directory lots of useful features. It’s meant for K-12 and also higher education, so it isn’t as focused on corporate training as EdApp is.

LMS Example – Its Learning
Its Learning features a large content library for help in creating courses. That can make it easy for an educator because they don’t have to make everything from scratch. It also has advanced reporting and analytics for course management, as well as the ability to do group projects which can allow for evaluation of students in team settings.

4. Cadence
Kadenze is an LMS that has many partner educational institutions and organizations that come together under one.

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