Millennials but above all in Generation

This target is officially the reference age group to which many Brands are addressing, and whose needs, desires they must inevitably listen to and analyse.

Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are paying particular attention to sustainability today, due to the increasingly worrying climate crisis.

The consequence This form of commitment

also reflected in their B2B Email List everyday purchases, so their choices also change and they carefully evaluate the brands they decide to rely on.

Precisely for this reason, in the huge market in which brands of all kinds play, the ones that will particularly stand out will be companies if they follow the trend of sustainability.

Who cares about young people, it’s not just them” If you thought this while reading my article, then here are some other interesting data:

Gen Z is able to impact on purchasing choices

B2B Email List

Side up in terms of fascination for beliefs and ideals (for 52%) of the older groups.

Here then is that perhaps, and I just say perhaps, the public sensitive to this COB Directory cause (and which would therefore be attracted by a Brand with a Purpose in favor of sustainability) spreads like wildfire.

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