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Review your internal links to identify and fix broken or outdated links that can negatively impact your SEO performance and user experience. By focusing on an effective internal link strategy, you will improve your on-page SEO, improve the user experience and increase the likelihood of higher rankings in the search results. internal link hierarchy Build a user-friendly internal link structure to increase performance. Meta tags and descriptions Meta tags and descriptions are generally a good idea to optimize to increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) in the search results. Therefore, optimize your meta tags and descriptions by preparing unique and.

Catchy meta titles and descriptions for each page

keywords included. Also, make sure to keep descriptions within the recommended number of characters (60 characters for titles and 155-160 Canadian Mobile Phone Number Data ¬†characters for descriptions). Add additional structured data markup (See Schema.org ) to your pages to improve search engine understanding and potentially achieve rich snippets in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Image optimization Optimizing images is also part of the on-page strategy, which can help with visibility. Image optimization can improve your page speed, user experience and image placements on search engines such as Google. Some good practices to follow include.

Compressing images – without compromising quality

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To reduce file size and improve page speed). Tools such as Timing or Short Pixel can be used here for compression.  COB Directory Use descriptive file names for your images that use the keywords. Add relevant ALT text to your images, which both improves accessibility for users and gives search engines additional information about the image. Use image formats like Webby , which offer better compression and quality than traditional formats like JPEG or PNG. User experience and engagement User experience and engagement are increasingly important factors in on-page SEO, as search engines prioritize websites that offer a positive

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