Advertising on Facebook a guide on how to start

Currently, over 29 million people use Facebook in Poland. Among them, there are certainly also your current and potential customers, which means that if your company is not on Facebook, you lose the opportunity to communicate with them. However, the fan page itself is not enough to present your offer. To fully use the possibilities of this medium, you need to invest in advertisinFacebook advertising campaigns can bring tangible results, both in terms of building brand awareness and sales, multiplying profits for your company. After all, it is another medium through which you can reach the awareness of people belonging to your target groups. And as you can see by the number of users, the potential is very large.

Effective advertising on Advertising on Facebook Facebook

Facebook gives advertisers many tools that allow them to Phone Number Data create precise target groups and advertising creations. Actually, the most important of them is the Facebook pixel. It is a piece of code that you place in the code of your website. Thanks to it, you can study the behavior of visitors and, on this basis, create target groups on Facebook to which the advertising creation will be directed at subsequent stages of the campaign. In practice, it looks like this, for example, we see that users visiting our website add products to their baskets, but do not proceed to initiate the purchase. What can we do with this information? First, we create a custom audience. Then we start building a remarketing-based campaign on Facebook . The idea is to reach people who visited your online store, viewed products, added something to their cart, but then abandoned it. Thanks to Facebook advertising, we can remind them about an abandoned cart, which may encourage them to make a purchase. Sounds cool, right? What more can we do with such users? Facebook gives us the opportunity to find people who are similar to them on its medium. So, they will most likely also be interested in the products offered in your e-commerce.

Action strategy based on advertising goals

How to start building a Facebook campaign? Before you move COB Directory on to the tool, you should consider what you want to achieve with advertising. There is usually one primary goal, but there are also micro goals. For example, for an online store, the primary goal will obviously be sales. But there will also be other assumptions along the way: increasing traffic on an external website, building brand awareness or activating a selected audience. Setting micro-goals is very important because only 3% of the campaign’s recipients are ready to buy in the initial phase of the campaign, the rest are people who still need to build it. This is done using the micro-goals already mentioned several times.

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