Passwords should exceed 8 characters

We have often talked about the importance of defining secure passwords that guarantee the protection of your accounts and devices. If yours have less, try changing them.

Passwords that are too short and too simple are easily cracked and therefore put the accounts, devices or services they are supposed to protect, as well as your information, at risk. Therefore, longer and more complicated passwords can pose a challenge if someone tries to hack them .

A recent study by Hive Systems

Virginia-based cybersecurity firm, shows how long it would take a hacker to crack different passwords. The results suggest that even a Portugal Mobile Number List password with eight characters, which is typically the minimum, as well as a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, can be cracked in eight hours.

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While a short or less complex

Numbers COD Directory and symbols could take up to 438 billion years to crack. Obviously. It is not advisable to create 18-character passwords on every website you register with – as this could result in you forgetting them – however, consider longer passwords, exceeding eight characters and mixing them together.

It also added that these times have accelerated since 2020, given the evolution of technology.




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