Online store positioning step by step

When looking for specific products users increasingly often simply enter questions and expect to find the answer in the results. So if your store is displayed in these results, it is not interpreted by the user as an advertisement, but as a specific answer that he or she is currently looking for. So by ranking high in the Google search engine, you have a chance to reach people who are in need, which means that they are ready to make a purchase here and now. To sell your services you need to be high on the search list, because most Internet users focus on the first page and in the highest positions.

Website audit for one of our clients

This is important because if you do it right, from the very beginning Phone Number Data the website will be displayed for phrases that are searched for quite often, and the queries will be matched to the products available in the store. So you will immediately reach the target group that needs to buy products from your e-store. Of course, you can position yourself for less popular phrases that cost less and achieve high positions thanks to them. However, this will not bring much traffic to the store. And remember that more traffic means more sales. The next thing is to audit the check how it is prepared in terms of positioning. Alternatively, prepare the missing content and then implement all these things on the website.

Links leading to the site Online store

Phone Number Data

Another element of the audit is checking how many COB Directory links refer to a given page. (Remember that the number of links determines the popularity of the website in the eyes of Google) Initially, the client’s website had about 45 links. What have we done? At the beginning, we bought about 100 links on important websites and company directories at one time. We found 50 significant online store catalogs and added links there. After such a buffer, we periodically add from various Internet portals. We write expert articles and post them on thematic portals with a link to the client’s website. These links do not need to be acquired manually.

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