Telegram has overtaken WhatsApp

The war situation between Russia and Ukraine has greatly changed the way users access the Internet and what services they have access to. Many companies and services have left the region, using this action as a form of protest.

One of the most bizarre situations has come from the blocking of Facebook and other Meta services in Russia, which accuses the social network of sharing false information. This has led to a shift that is now visible with Telegram overtaking WhatsApp in messaging services.

Telegram WhatsApp Russia Ukraine messages

Social media blocking in Russia
The blocking of Meta services in Russia is having a positive effect on Telegram. This Russian-created app has become the preferred way for Colombia Mobile Number List users to communicate and share information, leading to a change in habits.

An analysis by MegaFon , one of the four largest telephone operators in Russia, assessed how its users are consuming Internet traffic. The growth of Telegram since February 24th and the decline of WhatsApp and Viber are clearly visible.

Telegram has already beaten WhatsApp
According to MegaFon’s calculations, for the first two weeks of March, Telegram’s share of total message traffic increased from 48% to 63% compared to the same period last month. WhatsApp’s share fell from 48% to 32%.

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Telegram WhatsApp Russia Ukraine messages

In addition to this, Telegram became the leader in mobile traffic consumption per day. On average, a user spent 101 Mb of traffic on this COD Directory service, with differences compared to its direct competitors. On WhatsApp, users spent only 26 Mb, and in the case of Viber, this was 8 Mb.

Blame for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
With all the confusion that is happening with Facebook and other Meta services in Russia, this is not an unusual situation. The government itself has also focused on promoting and recommending Telegram as the messaging app to be used by the population.


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