Then there would also be Black Week

You’ll agree with me that marketing during these two anniversaries is very important if you have a business. This is probably the period in which the consumer is more inclined to buy: do you want to miss the opportunity?

I’ll also give you some data, just to close the circle: quoting Shopify, in Italy more than 86% of people plan to make purchases in the period between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Users need to be warmed up Selling is the result of a process

Read again for a second: I said 86%, you got it right! An impressive figure, especially if you consider that Aruba Email Lists the average shopping receipt is equal to  Well: now that you’ve recovered from the shock of this data, I have some advice for you.

Strategies for a successful Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday I don’t want to go around too much: these are absolutely profitable phenomena.

The time has come to reveal some marketing techniques and get to the heart of the topic: here are some of the best marketing strategies you can apply to your business, without sitting around!

Analyze the scenario to determine the best offer The necessary first step is to identify the ideal promotion based on the target audience: conduct a detailed analysis on the target but also on what YOU want to sell : where do you want to take your consumer?

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday period to make it known

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What’s your goal? What discount can you afford and what benefit will your customer have? In short: it’s not just a question of selling, but of doing it with a precise logic based on results, margins and above all on the perception that the user has of the value of your product.


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