10 Training Module Templates to Download

Having a standard training module can bring positive changes in your organization, from streamlining your onboarding process to keeping your current team compliant with the applicable industry standards. But, if You Lack the Time to Research on How to Create a Training. Module or Actually Build It From Scratch. You Might Want to Think About Using Some Training. Module Templates That Are Mentioned Below.

Training Module Template  Safety in the Workplace by EdApp

For companies with exceptionally Switzerland Email Database high safety hazards, you can customize EdApp’s Safety in the Workplace to educate your workforce about the safety practices they should follow to keep them safe and protected at all times.

EdApp Training Module Template – Safety in the Workplace
What’s great about this training module example is that it already comes with ready-made content discussing the most crucial safety topics that your employees should be familiar with. It covers the importance of general workplace housekeeping and personal protective equipment

(Ppe). It Also Goes Over the Causes of Slips, Trips, and Falls, as Well as Safety Tips to Guarantee Safe Lifting.

These Lessons Can Be Edited to Reflect Your Company’s Standards. Rules, and Safety Procedures as Well as Your Logo and Branding. If Needed, You Can Also Add Lessons. If There Are Any Particular Topics or Subjects. You Need to Go in-depth on With Your Team.

Training Module Templates EdApp Course Creator Tool

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Unlike the usual training manual template Word and PDFs that you’ll find on the internet, this EdApp template was created with interactive COB Directory elements like swipes, drag-and-drop, and match. This strategy helps remove the mental barrier often associated with reading static and boring training templates and makes learning more fun and engaging for your workers.

Keep your team’s knowledge up to date with EdApp’s training module templates!

Training Module Template New Hire Safety Orientation by EdApp
EdApp’s New Hire Safety Orientation streamlines the needed workplace safety training for businesses. This training module template makes it easier to educate your newly hired employees about your company’s policies, the workplace hazards they are likely to face, and safety practices to protect them from possible accidents.


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