Video of Zelensky surrendering

This is a war unlike any other we have ever known, or rather, a war that combines other weapons. As we have said several times, this is a hybrid war, involving military equipment, but which also takes place in the digital realm with cyberattacks and fake news.

Recently, hackers managed to post a fake video on a news website in which Zelensky, President of Ukraine, surrenders in the face of the Russian threat.

Video of Zelensky surrendering appears on news site! But it’s fake…

Zelensky asks the military to lay down their weapons?

The war between Russia and Ukraine in the digital world continues strong and there are records of several cyberattacks from Bahrain Mobile Number List both sides. In addition, counter-information has also been circulating, which makes everything even more difficult.

Recently, hackers managed to “inject” a video into Ukrainian TV where Volodymyr Zelensky surrenders to Russia and asks his soldiers to lay down their weapons.

The exact origin of the video is not yet known, but it was broadcast on a Ukrainian television channel. Zelensky wasted no time in responding immediately.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have removed the video, and the president of Ukraine posted a message on Telegram where he clarified: “We are defending our land, our children, our families. Therefore, we have no plans to lay down our arms. Until victory!”

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The Russian presidency

International Court of Justice (ICJ), the UN’s highest court, for Russia to immediately suspend its military operations in Ukraine.

Russia refused to appear at the ICJ COD Directory hearings on the case, held on March 7 and 8, and refuted the court’s jurisdiction over Ukraine’s claim.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 that has already caused at least 726 deaths and more than 1,170 injuries, including dozens of children, and caused the flight of around 4.8 million people, including three million to neighboring countries, according to the most recent UN data.

The Russian invasion was condemned by the majority of the international community, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and reinforcing economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

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