What has changed from Universal Analytics to

And some may require manual setup. A significant difference between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics is their. Measurement model. The latest version uses event-based tracking, whereas the older version relies on the session-based data model. What has changed Cross-platform tracking. With Google Analytics 4, you can collect data not only from your website, but also iOS and Android apps. Cookie consent and GDPR : Google Analytics 4 comes with new controls for the protection of personal information, including.

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Longer retain IP addresses and thus ensures more ethical data use. Event-based tracking : GA4 replaces session-based data tracking with event-based tracking. This allows tracking Canadian Mobile Phone Number Data of user behavior and conversions to get a complete overview of the customer journey. If you previously tracked through. Google Universal Analytics, your historical data will continue to be found here for now. What has changed Google has already announced that they will begin phasing out the system entirely. Precisely for this reason, it is essential to.

Set up GA4 correctly and to get to know the tool better

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Regardless of whether you have used Universal Analytics for a short time or several years ago, it will be essential for your future tracking that the COB Directory setup of GA4 is carried out correctly. This will, for example, make it possible to compare data Year over Year going forward on your desired events and conversions . What has changed The Traffic Acquisition report is there to help you understand where visitors to your website and app are coming from. It specifically shows where new and returning users are coming from. Here you can segment by.

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