What Is Seo Assessment And How It Can Help

SEO and SEO assessment go hand in hand when trying to drive more sales and traffic to your online store. Before delving deeper into the main subject, let us see the differences between the two.

When people hear the word SEO, the first thing that comes to their mind is keyword research. But actually, SEO covers a wide range of topics. It covers everything which makes it a bit difficult and challenging to do.

One question we usually receive from first-time sellers is this: Do we really need to do SEO beyond keyword research? Our answer is yes. Here are some reasons:

Unless you are a large company, becoming a Lazada or Shopee seller for the first time requires a lot of work to get noticed. And the best thing about SEO is that it may be quite a bit to do the first time, but it allows you to stay visible to customers in the long run without having to work as much as you did the first time.

Not that we underestimate the importance of PPC ads and stuff like that but the latter is only effective when paired with organic ads (that’s SEO)

What’s more paid ads are only useful during

the period of your campaign. After that, it becomes completely useless.

Meanwhile, SEO may require hard work but the effect is for the long term. We think you can say that SEO is how you build a foundation for your brand. Without this foundation, even a company worth millions could collapse.

Online selling is more complicated than traditional selling. You can’t chase customers to sell products. The least you can do is share your link all over social media but it won’t be fighting for good PR for your brand. You will be recognized as a spammer.

The only way to sell online is one: have database a good product, two: have a good product listing, and three: have good SEO.

Because let’s face it, unless people know you exist, they’re not going to be able to find you or buy from you no matter how much we want them to.

The importance of doing SEO brings us to the SEO assessment.

What is SEO Scoring?


Search ranking tracking and SEO scoring go hand in hand. Before you can go ahead and track your search rankings, you need to know your current SEO score (and of course, just like how you track your search rankings, you also need to monitor your SEO score).

Let’s stop the chase. What is SEO score? In basic COB Directory terms, measuring the visual and technical aspects of your store contributes to your search engine optimization. It is a measure of your store’s performance in terms of searchability and conversions.

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