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Help the end user. You really have to be careful with this. Because Google has just updated its ” Helpful Content System . Which has become sharper at finding domains that do not provide content that helps the user. The system has just been put into place to ensure. That content on the search engine is only displayed if it is optimized for people and not the search engine. Alone (something that is. Often seen with over-optimized content filled with keywords and lacking context). If some content is bad and through internal.

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Links is associated with the ‘good’, it could have a negative impact on the good content that performs. So in many ways, Google and SEO have thus become more holistic. Th Canadian Mobile Phone Number Data act’s why it’s always a good idea to look through your content and see. How much you have that gets traffic and how much that doesn’t get traffic. This typically provides an initial understanding of how much content you have that does not provide value. Content overview divided by traffic – Ahrens The above shows an example from the analysis tool Ahrens.
your company. Therefore, build a good flow in what requires continuous updating and what needs to be updated ad hoc – and understand in which contexts AI can update and in which contexts only you can. Optimize now – but with an eye to the future. When you execute on an SEO strategy. It must be with the aim of carrying out some tasks now – but the strategy must also be able to carry.

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To learn more about what The Helpful Content System entails. I have a list of 11 relevant points for you here. Google helpful content system overview For the above COB Directory reasons. It is therefore clearly recommended that you have someone connected with experience. In precisely these Google systems and algorithms. So that things are quality assured before simply. Rolling out across domains and markets. You can also read about the system from Google’s own mouth here . Keep yourself updated and adapt continuously.  continuously updated, and more. Must be continuously produced. What the future brings. Therefore, make sure that what you do is not limited to a certain time interval alone, but that it also has value in the future. Examples of this can be: You optimize your page experience (technical performance) now, but do not return to it. This .

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