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Provide a service (unless you hire someone new, as part of it). Cost Based:: You calculate the cost to produce the product and then add your profit and this is the selling price. Value-Based: The most common pricing model for services: You look at what your competitors are charging and adjust your prices accordingly. Hybrid pricing: I calculate how many man-hours it takes to do a job, multiply that by the labor input rate per hour, and look at the value we create. Of course, I constantly monitor competitors’ prices and adjust ours when necessary.

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The price of work allows you to spend money on marketing (hiring professionals, advertising costs, product development, promotions). COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Niger Email List It pays to know exactly what your competitors are and understand what is happening in your market. First, list the companies that offer the same (or a very similar) product/service to your target grouThen narrow it down to those whose operations have an impact on you. Once you’ve found – a company whose operations matter to you, then look at their case studies: Product: How is their product quality and how does it compare to yours.

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Listen, tell the truth! If their product is better, admit this to yourself US mailbox and try to improve your own product, either by lowering the price, or COB Directory compensating the difference somehow) Price: how much do they work for, and how much do they smount: Find out what their turnover is from public databases, counting the number of employees, profits, dividends and changes from previous years. You’ll find a lot of exciting information. Website: How is the quality of the website, how fast does it load, how much information is on the website, what is the quality of the images, how is the quality of the text.

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