How the concept of nudges can be applied

You know that annoying ‘elbow in the side’ someone gives you to remind you to do something? That’s a nudge. In this article, we are going to explore the nudge theory and learning tools. In other words, how we can gently ‘elbow’ our learners into increasing their knowledge retention?

As we get older, our prospective memory weakens, so it is more difficult to remember that something needs to be done and exactly what that ‘something’ is. Nudges can help your trainees with task-oriented items such as registering for needed training; finishing an online training course on time; or submitting required documentation.

Why do learners need nudges Task-oriented nudges

Another reason for nudges is that over time, people forget what they have learned. Education tends to be linear. In other words, learners Venezuela Email List complete a course and that’s it. It is assumed that they have retained their knowledge or skills. Yet, people forget. Research shows that the “rate of forgetting is independent of initial degree of learning”. In other words, people tend to forget at the same speed or level no matter how well they learned the material.

A learning management system (LMS) is one of the ways that nudge theory and learning tools combine to help your trainees keep on track. For example, the Ed App LMS offers a learner portal. Through this portal, your learners can receive push notifications. This feature not only allows you to send custom notifications to your learners’ smartphones, but also sends automated reminders, so they’re more likely to complete their lessons.

Nudges can refresh people’s memories and increase long-term retention

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Nudge Theory and Learning Tools EdApp Push Notifications
Push notifications are an effective COB Directory tool for helping people focus. The notifications cut through life’s distractions, reminding people that they have an intention that needs to be carried out. They also clarify what that ‘something’ is, in case the person does not remember.

Retention-oriented nudges An LMS can have features which help learners remember more of what they are learning and also jog their memory at future intervals. Let’s look at several which are available with EdApp.



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