I think that as humans we will always

I think that the isolation and the negative consequences many of us. Felt during the corona pandemic was a clear proof that we as. Humans are dependent on interaction with other people. But is reading a newsletter, a blog post or watching a YouTube video interaction. I would think that it is – I believe that we as people create a relationship with people and companies. We “follow” across all the different physical and digital mediums. If we go back a bit to human psychology. I think this is where many brands may go wrong in the coming years if they. Choose to jump headlong into a full implementation of generative. AI across all their marketing.

Channels and areas Specifically I think that as a brand

You risk losing your relationships with your followers if you remove the personal sender. The human error or the unique tone-of-voice that makes the brand and the company what it is. Generative AI is based on the past, where it can extremely competently generate outputs from it. But for go Canadian Mobile Phone Number Data do reasons it does not take into account the future. Or the unsaid. We therefore risk ending up in a spiral of uniform clinical marketing that all resembles. What has worked well before. The problem here is just that the reason something that has worked. Well before worked was because it was unique, or ‘zigged when the world zagged’ to draw. A reference to BHH’s Levi’s campaign. If we all ‘zagged when the world zags. I think we lose the ability to stand out. And standing out is extremely important.

When we’re talking marketing I would almost go

So far as to say that it is more important to stand out than to be ‘effective’ in your marketing. One good idea can be better than a hundred mediocre ideas. So to sum up. I se COB Directory e a few challenges and alarm bells when it comes to general. Uncritical implementation of generative AI in our marketing. We risk losing the ‘relationship’ with our customers and target group. We risk blending in too much and thus losing the ability to stand out. We risk having too much focus on output rather than outcome. This does not mean that we should not work on it – far from it. It just means that we have to be very aware of where and when we work with it. And implement it.

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