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Marketing of more exciting activities.  Trip The day Laura and Jim went on a Walmart road trip. a blog call Walmart Across America was born. The conclusion of the first post is that we are not bloggers. but since our lives are always more journeys than destinations. and we are explorers at heart. we thought we should give it a try. This blog was suppos to cover Laura and Jim’s RV trip from Las Vegas to Georgia. When traveling across the U.S.. the couple always stops and camps at Walmart Park. Walmart allows RV owners to sleep in customer parking lots for free. which is nothing special. and almost all long-term RV owners are familiar with it.

Laura and Jim’s Walmart Road

Laura and Jim blog about the different sights. cities Belgium Email List their travels. However. Walmart employees were mention the most. Every employee Laura and Jim encounter clearly had confidence in his company. For example. a blog post titl From Teller to Manager . Speaking of which. she us to be just a cashier. and now works as a project manager in the corporate strategy and sustainable development department. dicat to environmental protection. She said Walmart is working toward a goal of using only renewable resources. By then. packaging should no longer generate waste. After a while. though. posts praising Walmart and its employees began to surface.

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aAd readers of the blog began to become COB Directory skeptical. photogenic in the photos and have all made career leaps. However. the blog continu to enjoy high popularity until BusinessWeek disclos the Walmart sponsorship. “Ad Age” magazine call Wal-Mart’s gaffe a step forward and twenty steps back. Laura and Jim’s entire journey was orchestrat by Walmart PR firm elman. Walmart pays for Laura and Jim’s airfare. travel. RV. and gas. Laura and Jim are not your average couple trying to cross America. Jim is a photographer for The Washington Post. and his girlfriend of many years. Laura. is a freelance writer. For Walmart. the negative publicity.

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