There are 4 types of tone of voice to choose from

Neutral Tone Professional, dreamlike, clean; Warm tone : fresh, conversational, friendly, informal; Colored tone : ironic, aggressive. How to choose the TOV and what advantages you can get.

Identifying the right tone of voice for a Brand is a very important step and takes place during the positioning phase of a Brand on the market (that moment in which Vision, Mission, Reference Target, differentiating element are defined.

There are Brands that can also tell their stories on very

Different platforms, Social Networks for which it is important to modulate the tone of voice or decline it so that it adapts to the virtual place in which it is present.

What you mustn’t lose sight Western Sahara Email List of is the fil rouge , that common thread that maintains coherence and linearity between the various communications. Only in this way will a consumer who follows you both on Facebook and on Tik Tok continue to understand you, recognize you but above all believe you!

Once your tone of voice is coherent, well studied and inserted into a detailed strategy, then you will be able to reap the enormous advantages it can offer you in terms of positioning and recognition.

The right tone of voice makes your brand’s personality

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Memorable and allows your audience not only to trust, but also to feel more involved and inclined to establish a relationship with your brand. 5 steps to the perfect voice tone But how to create the perfect tone of voice for your brand?

At this point, what you have COB Directory to do is follow these 5 basic steps: let’s see them now! Identify, understand and study your target audience Surely your audience is one of the most important factors in this process.

Identifying yourself with the target allows you to understand what they want to hear and above all how: if you have to offer a product to a Millennial, you will certainly do it with a different communication than the one you would use if you were to sell it to a Baby.


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