There is so much traffic on YouTube that

You are sure to find people who are interested in your product or service. 2. Increased visibility on Google You’ve probably noticed how videos are very often among the first results on Google.

You can take a huge advantage on organic ranking by writing high-quality content for your blog do you have a blog right? and then creating in-depth or related videos on the topic.

Create your YouTube email list A great advantage of

Marketing on YouTube is that thanks to specific software you can acquire the email of your viewers. This allows you Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List to get in touch quickly, perhaps by inserting the emails acquired in a specific Marketing funnel.

Higher conversion rates If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth at least a million. Videos have the magic of turning on our amygdala, the structure of the brain responsible for emotions, and making us feel very strong feelings.

I am convinced that you too were moved by the Extra Gum video . 5. Multiple types of videos Another important aspect of YouTube Marketing is the ability to create different types of content. Some ideas for your YouTube videos could be:

Trailer Video for new subscribers where you tell

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Who you are, why you are different from your competitors and what you can do for your audience. Video Testimonial:

Share the positive experiences customers have had with you, with your product or service; this will help undecided customers come to you. Questions and Answers videos:

when you give useful answers to your users’ questions, you become an authoritative and expert person on COB Directory a given topic; this will help your online branding a lot. Conclusion YouTube offers every business an incredible opportunity to get more traffic, authority and customers.

However it is a complex platform. This means that you can’t upload some video, perhaps shot with your smartphone, and expect instant results.

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