Unconscious Bias Training 101Unconscious Bias

Apologies in advance, but the truth is we all have an unconscious bias and could benefit from unconscious bias training and (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion) DEI competency.

Some of our unconscious bias is hardwired into our DNA for our survival. For example, we are hardwired for fear (unconsciously biased against danger) which is a good thing. It allows us to activate our “fight or flight” mechanism as needed.

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However, as you may have guessed, that is not the type of bias I am going to speak about in this article. This article’s focus is on the implicit biases which can be defined as “attributes and stereotypes we attribute to groups of people.

Examples include judging people Philippines Email List Positively or Negatively Based on Their Age. First/last Name, Achievements (Such as Graduating From a Famous. University or Attending an “unknown” One), or How Attractive/tall They Are. Unconscious Bias Can Even Sneakily. Creep in Regarding a Person’s Position in the Interview Process: if That Person Follows Someone Less or More Suitable. They Will Be Unconsciously Judged Better or Worse by Comparison.

What Can Be Done With Unconscious Bias Many organizations

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Have adopted unconscious bias employee training at the workplace. As this Forbes article points out, 2020 was a banner year for unconscious bias awareness. The global reaction to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing COB Directory Black Lives Matter protests brought the need to address this issue and bring underrepresented communities to the forefront of the world’s consciousness.

Unfortunately, many suggest that this kind of training is a waste of time. Critics say that it does not work. They are correct…and incorrect.

They say that participants’ awareness of unconscious bias does change during training. However, it does not affect the participants’ future behavior. Further investigation has found that effective unconscious bias training depends on two main factors.

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