From time to time in the sitemap file for a news article should be the date the article was last updated or the date of the last comment the last modified date should reflect the date when the content changed enough to warrant another crawl. If comments are an important part of your page then it’s a good idea to use that date too. Although the fact is that you have the final say. As for the dates on the articles themselves, it is recommended to check the guidelines on using dates on pages. And make sure to use dates consistently on your pages.

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What happens if the news sitemap is the same as the Armenia WhatsApp Number List general one including time zone? You can only have one sitemap a traditional sitemap to . Just keep in mind one thing you need to remove news extension from more than days old. It is often easier to have separate sitemaps for news and web for this reason. Just delete news sitemaps that are too old. Including in both sitemaps won’t give you that.

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It is not very good to do so. How do I deal with irrelevant COB Directory search input When something comes up in a search that you didn’t expect it could be because something came up on the search results page. In these cases the Google has a feedback link at the bottom. So find ways to improve these systems long-term for you and all. Well it’s more like a feature review than someone checking out your page to find out what’s going on. How do I change the description for my page.