10 Elearning Development Companies

If you’re looking for interactive ways to upskill your team, we’ve come up with this list of 10 eLearning development companies for effective learning and development. These elearning developers offer various services to give your team the best elearning experience, customized to suit your needs.

EdApp is on a mission to change the way the world learns at work. No matter where you are or what your team does, EdApp believes that all your team members should have access to quality training that’s engaging, effective, and seriously fun. So, Edapp Offers a Dynamic, All-in-one Mobile Platform. Where You Can Create Customized Elearning. Content Using Their Creator Tool. Or if You Don’t Have Time to Create a Course From Scratch. You Can Opt for Edapp’s Course Creation Services Instead.

Elearning Development Companies EdApp

You Can Also Visit Edapp’s Course Library. Where There Are Readily Available Courses. That Your Team Can San Marino Email List Finish in Minutes, on-the-go. These Courses Also Have Built-in Games and Quizzes With and Certification Features. With EdApp’s tools to create an interactive quiz, you can make gamified tests like find-a-word, image/word match, true or false, letter jumble, and jeopardy-style games.

The best thing about this is that among all elearning development companies in this list, only EdApp offers these features for free. You can create microlearning courses with the Creator Tool or get started with game-based learning without any additional cost for your team.

Elearning Development Company  Aptara Corp

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Aptara adopts a Design Thinking approach that lets users’ needs shape the creation of their products and services. If you already have learning management systems in place, their team performance solutions are a safe bet for improving them. Aptara can analyze your current training methods and assign veteran consultants to help you fill the gaps in your management and development processes.

Also, Aptara offers COB Directory custom content development to meet the specific needs of your team. They can help you redesign your training materials into flexible, future-proof learning content. True to their service values of striving to satisfy their clients every time, their clients praise them for outstanding assistance in virtualizing and designing their learning modules.


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