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They provide options in resources to add to your lecture classes: Form Graphy doesn’t have the option of custom code templates like Teachable. But two things Teachable doesn’t offer and Graphy does is live testing and forms. In a live exam, students must attempt that exam within a time window. The form is where you can get feedback from students as they follow the lesson.

You can also import lectures into their platform. graphic lecture material options 3. Tuition Fees It Can Be Bought You will receive a four-course payment plan to prepare for your course and training. Free One-time purchase Payment plans – Buy the course divided into different payment plans. Like unlocking lectures or unlocking study materials on a plan you choose. Subscriptions – Buy monthly or yearly subscriptions.

As you upgrade to higher plans you unlock more features

As long as students pay, they can access the Croatia B2B List content immediately. Teachable also offers a bundle pricing option. You can create a bundle of courses and training and sell them for one price. You can set up a single payment or separate payment plans for the country. Graph Graphy gives you four-course payment plan options:

Free (includes option to limit course access duration) One-time fee (includes option to limit course access duration) Regular subscription Membership – This is a new feature that has been launched. You can subscribe annually or monthly. Also in Graphy, you can set up global or national payment plans.

Application It Can Be Bought Teachable has its app supported on iOS only

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Country specific course fees in the graph It is better to COB Directory study in this category because there are more payment processing options. Then, you can offer more strategic pricing options to your followers that will entice them to buy. 4. Standard Fees It Can Be Bought Teachable has four payment plans for course creators or instructors. plans Salary The Professional Plan is the most popular of the monthly and annual plans according to Teachable.

Graph Graph four payment plans: plans Salary (Monthly) Fee (Annual)(monthly) Basic $59 $54 also $119 $109 Business $199 $182 That is $349 $320 Compared to Teachable, Graphy is expensive. Also, you cannot continue to use the free version of Graphy. Only 14 days.


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