The commune focuses on dialogue

It is less common to use it to strengthen the local community and build a civil society. Meanwhile, monitoring helps even small local government units to create the basis for good communication and full dialogue with residents, entrepreneurs and institutions by discovering the channels in which they speak and actively joining the discussion. The commune of Góra Kalwaria, locate in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, uses Brand24 in its activities. with the inhabitants Góra Kalwaria is a small commune locate 42 kilometers from the center of Warsaw – it has an area of ​​145 km² and has about 24,000 inhabitants. What distinguishes her? Taking care of creating a dialogue with residents. It does this by regularly organizing meetings with them, conducting promotional and informational activities in the press radio television.

This arsenal of tools for building

The website Instagram profile and Facebook profile of the mayor and the official fan page of the commune . What’s more, in order to get to know the opinions of residents, it conducts online surveys and a chat with the mayor. high calvary6 To good relations Latest Mailing Database with residents, the commune adds Internet monitoring, because it is well aware that discussions about it also take place where it does not initiate them. Below are some of the most interesting and at the same time the most valuable applications of Internet and Social Meia monitoring in the service of the Góra Kalwaria commune. Discover all sources of discussion.

Latest Mailing Database

These great social media players

The sources of mentions of Góra Kalwaria are dominate by Facebook and Instagram. Twitter gains popularity during important events, such as this COB Directory year’s celebration of the canonization of Father Stanisław Papczyński. However, apart from, the commune discovers, thanks to monitoring, activity relate to it, on blogs relate to tourism and photography, especially in the vicinity of planne outdoor events in an important tourist place Czersk.

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