Have you included pixel in your website code

The Facebook Pixel is a powerful piece of HTML code. It should be used during all advertising campaigns that direct potential customers to an external website, i.e. one outside the social media such as Facebook. Why? Because thanks to the pixel, you can reach them with your message in the next stage of promotion. As you can see, thanks to the pixel you can enable remarketing! What is the main task of the Facebook pixel? It is intended to collect information about users and record their behavior. Based on the data it obtains, you can eliminate things that, for example, disturb the purchasing process on your website. You can see when users are not responding the way you think they should and eliminate errors. If you are not sure whether you have a pixel installed on your website or whether it is working properly, use a special browser plug-in: Facebook Pixel Helper. Thanks to it, you will be able to see whether you have a pixel on your website and whether it is installed correctly.

Do you create custom have you included audiences

Who do you typically target with your Facebook ads Phone Number Data To the fans To potential customers according to their possible interests? Great, but did you know you can create custom audiences? You can create groups of people similar to them  These are so-called lookalike groups. Such a group may include people who, for example, are customers of your competitors, or are similar to people who buy from you, but have not had contact with your brand so far. The size of a lookalike group depends on the match percentage, but it is usually several hundred thousand people! Think about how this increases the . Otential of your advertising campaign.

Do you use a video format in your advertising

Phone Number Data

the video advertising format is still incredibly popular. The results of video COB Directory campaigns have greater reach and greater engagement than classic display ads. They are also cheaper – so the advertising budget may be lower for the entire campaign. Let me tell you that video formats also include slideshow.¬† Just select the photos and then upload them to a dedicated tool in the Ads Manager, where you only need to choose the display time of individual slides, as well as the method of switching between them. Have you used this type of advertising? It’s also a video ad. image source: facebook.com Do you use dynamic ads? To use dynamic ads, you must have not only a Facebook pixel connected, but also an uploaded file with a catalog of products available in your online store.

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