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Per on July 1, 2023, Google’s latest analysis tool, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), has gone live. This also means that GA4 replaces Universal. Analytics (UA) from the first day of July and that it is thus no longer possible to obtain data via Universal Analytics. For existing Universal Analytics users, early migration has been important to establish. The desired data structure and collection in the new platform. The historical data will for now continue to be available in UA. However Google has already announced that they will begin phasing out the system completely.

In this post, we will give you an introduction to Google

which you should know about as the owner of a website and a Google Analytics account. Everything you should At the same time, we will discuss how Google Analytics 4 differs from the well-known Canadian Mobile Phone Number Data Universal Analytics, which reports you should know about, as well as a simple checklist for setting up GA4.The essence of the analysis tool has not changed from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics will continue to be a tool for tracking traffic and conversions across devices, countries and channels. Even so,

Google Analytics 4 may seem like a completely new tool upon first

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At first glance, however, the difference in user interface and reports in the two versions is clear. Here, GA4 appears particularly more simplified, but it does have a smart and COB Directory improved search function, which can . Everything you should More easily search for reports and ask questions than we know from before. Focusing on reporting, a significant difference between the two versions is that Google Analytics 4 is more conversion-centric. As a result, Google Analytics will only start generating reports when you set up tracking on selected events.

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