The Zero Moment of Truth

Or user journey if you will. It is therefore recommended that you review your current strategy. Do you just bring in traffic. Or does the traffic also contribute to reaching your goals. In SEO, the initial goal is to create visibility and traffic through rankings. But if the traffic does not create value – which converts – you should investigate. Whether it is due to the keywords or the content. If it’s the keywords, it’s about putting the right strategy in place. And if it’s the content, you can work even more. With engagement by adding targeted sprints that raise the conversion rate. Therefore, if necessary, optimize your current plan. With sprints and have the website optimized to not only attract users. But also focus on guiding them to take the desired actions on your site. Google ‘Review Update’ rolled out In November. Google again, again, launched an update within ‘product reviews’ – i.e. product reviews. Something they have had a lot of focus on in the past 1-2 years. The purpose is to improve the ranking system for content that reviews products or services.

Build landing pages that are optimized

Something that has only become more important as reviews have historically been. Written on the basis of thin experience or with the help of AI tools. The timing is also extra relevant, as it has just been Black Friday and that. We are now in the peak of consumption; Christmas. A season where reviews are extra important for what we buy. As gifts and put under the tree this year. Furthermore, Goo Canadian Mobile Phone Number Data gle has said that. They will no longer announce future review updates. As this will now be integrated as an ongoing thing in the algorithm. Meaning the search engine will automatically update rankings based on the review system. This places greater demands on all websites that make reviews. and sell products. Therefore, you – or you – as a marketing manager should ensure. That you stay up-to-date with Google’s guidelines. As the updates will prioritize content that provides. Insightful analyzes written by experienced experts.

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Google Maps has new control options for locations Google Maps. Has introduced upcoming new private features. That reduce the availability of location data. In this way, users gain more control over their own data. As it will be easier to delete their location-based activities in their settings. For example. This is an increased focus on privacy from Google and. Will have an impact on companies and ads cam COB Directory paigns that run. Local-based ‘ad targeting’ strategies. It can affect the campaigns by reducing the amount of user data. Based on locations. If you want to know more about this update. You can read more here . Takeaways and recommendations. Google has turned 25 and takes stock of a quarter of a century that has created the search engine we know today. The common denominator for the development has. Been the agenda of the world community in everything from events to individuals and technology.

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